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Latin American Community Center Education Expansion Project

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The LACC  Education Expansion Project is creating new facilities that will enable LACC to provide high quality services in both the City of Wilmington and New Castle. Through this effort the LACC is increasing access to high quality early childhood education, improving health outcomes for children ages 5-12, creating permanent job opportunities, relieving the pressure of on-street parking for residents, and revitalizing Wilmington’s West Side.

This project has three key facets that will provide high quality services in both Wilmington and New Castle Delaware that will improve education and health outcomes for generations to come. These facets are:


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1. The construction of a 2.5 story, 15,000 square foot Infant and Toddler Center on the corner of 4th and Van Buren Streets which will allow the LACC to serve an additional 108 children annually. Construction will be completed in December 2022 and be open for occupancy in January 2023. 

2. The LACC will purchase and demolish 3 commercial garages in the 400 block of North Harrison Street on Wilmington’s West Side in order to build a parking lot for LACC teachers and staff. This project will also relieve the pressure of on-street parking in the vicinity surrounding LACC, one of the most densely populated areas in Delaware. 

3.  The construction of a youth playground on the corner of 4th and Harrison Streets that will provide a safe outdoor play space for children ages 5 through 12 enrolled in LACC Youth Programming. 


4. The LACC will purchase and renovate a permanent location in New Castle, Delaware to provide services to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years who reside in New Castle and/or attend schools in the Colonial and Christina School districts.

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