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HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It is the virus that can lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS if not treated. Unlike some other viruses, HIV cannot be cured, even with treatment. However, with proper medical care, HIV can be controlled with medicine called antiretroviral therapy or ART.


Learn more about HIV basics, transmission, and prevention by making an appointment with our HIV Prevention Specialists at 302-442-7740 and 302-295-2165 and by clicking on the resources below for more information.



Doing It is designed to motivate all adults to get tested for HIV and know their status. Doing It delivers the message that HIV testing should be part of everyone’s regular health routine #DoingIt #Haciendolo


Start Talking. Stop HIV. focuses on gay and bisexual men and encourages open communication between sex partners and friends about HIV prevention strategies. It provides practical tools and tips to help gay and bisexual men share their HIV status and talk. #StartTalkingCondoms #StartTalkingPrEP #StartTalkingTesting #HablaVIH


Learn more about how to protect yourself and get information tailored to meet your needs from CDC’s HIV Risk Reduction Tool


For more information call 302-442-7740 or 302-295-2165

Free and Confidential HIV Rapid Testing

STI & PrEP Referrals

Linkage to HIV/AIDS Care

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