Hispanic Student Recognition Program 


Dear HSRP Nominees and Nominators,


            We are very excited that you’ve taken the time out of the hectic world of virtual teaching and learning to nominate a deserving student for this prestigious program. As many of you know, this program has been around for over 50 years, and it is something we look forward to offering to our thriving Latino students year after year. This program would not be possible without the nominators taking their time to recognize students’ achievement and the students themselves for going above and beyond in and out of the classroom to show their commitment to their education and community.

            Just as the whole world had to slow down to take in the unknown and new norms that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic, we, the HSRP Committee, did the same. We came together very eager to carry on with this program in any capacity to continue acknowledging the tremendous accomplishments of our distinguished students. We are aware of the stress and overwhelming toll this pandemic has taken on our community, especially for high school students.

            For this reason, we decided to make this year’s HSRP theme about the holistic student experience around virtual learning, barriers faced, and the overall overcoming of challenges brought about through this pandemic. We want students to feel free to express themselves through the medium most comfortable, allowing for a written piece, visual/performing arts option through video, or an academic recognition category, answering the thematic question presented. We feel this will allow for the selection committee to receive the most comprehensive view of the students while highlighting the sacrifice, struggle, and perseverance of each student through this difficult time.

            The goal of HSRP is to recognize Latino students’ successes and empower them and their families to follow their dreams in the future. We feel that the best way to continue the mission of the program through this pandemic is to make it equitable for all despite their circumstances. We are committed to see all Latino students grow into successful adults who continue making influential contributions to the world.



The HSRP Committee


If you have any questions, please 302-655-7338 or email us at HSRP@thelatincenter.org 



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  • April 16, 2021: Deadline to submit application.

  • May 15, 2021: The Ceremony will be held in a virtual format.