Middle and High School Programs

Youth Achievement Center  serves students ages 12-18. Participants receive help with homework and with college, job, and scholarship applications. They also receive mentors through a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware and participate in enrichment activities such as filmmaking and other Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities, substance abuse prevention programming, art, ice skating, basketball, and community service activities. Contact: 302-655-7338

The LACC High School Credit Recovery Program is offered in partnership with the Red Clay School District. Red Clay High School students who are behind on their credits can complete coursework online at the LACC. Students can also receive mentors through a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware Contact: Chastity Ga
larza, Youth Development Coordinator, CGalarza@thelatincenter.org


The Hispanic Student Recognition Program recognizes high-achieving middle and high school students throughout the state of Delaware. Contact: Chastity Galarza, Youth Development Coordinator, CGalarza@thelatincenter.org

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