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Preschool (Dual Language)

Children ages 3-5 will play, explore, and build friendships as they learn the skills they need for kindergarten. Our 5-star quality dual-language preschool classrooms offer instruction in both English and Spanish from our highly skilled staff. Our preschool teachers hold a Bachelor’s degree in education and are experienced at assessing, planning and individualizing using The Creative Curriculum for Preschool.


Our classrooms focus on helping children develop strong social-emotional skills using the Conscious Discipline curriculum, because we know that social-emotional skills are the most important skills for success in kindergarten. Our teachers also plan experiences that help children explore a topic in-depth each 6 weeks, motivating children to ask questions and use their critical thinking skills to learn more about their topic. While studying their topic, they are also developing their language, literacy, and math skills. The teacher:student ratio for our preschool classrooms is between 1:6 and 1:8, depending on the classroom.

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