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The main focus of this program is to support Latino victims of crime and help decrease the under-reporting of crime in the Latino Immigrant community by empowering victims to take steps and report the crime. Victims of Crime program is intended to help you or a loved one cope with victimization from a crime by educating you on your rights as a victim, and referring you to other service providers who may also be able to assist you and meet your immediate needs.

El enfoque principal del programa de Víctimas de Crimen es disminuir significativamente el no-reporte de crimines por parte de los miembros de la comunidad latina inmigrante al empoderarl@s para dar un paso al frente y denunciar el crimen. El programa víctimas de crimen tiene como objetivo ayudarle a usted o a un ser querido que han sido victimizados, a salir adelante ya sea educándolos sobre sus derechos como víctimas y ser referidos con otros programas para ayudarles con sus necesidades inmediatas.


Services we offer:


The staff will inform clients of their rights and provide the following services:


  • Assistance contacting the authorities and reporting the crime

  • Information about victims’ rights under the law (including undocumented individuals) 

  • Assistance contacting the Victims Compensation and filling out appropriate forms (VCAP)

  • Follow-up communication, court reminders, regular and ongoing updates

  • Accompaniment and support at court appearances

  • Personal and/or emotional support

  • Referral to other support services

Servicios que ofrecemos:
  • Asistencia para contactar a las autoridades y reportar el crimen

  • Información acerca de los derechos que tienen las víctimas de crímenes bajo la ley (incluyendo individuos indocumentados).

  • Asistencia contactando al programa de compensación de víctimas y llenando los formularios necesarios (VCAP)

  • Seguimiento de caso, recordatorios para asistir a corte, actualizaciones continuas y regulares de caso.

  • Acompañamiento y apoyo en las comparecencias judiciales

  • Apoyo personal y/o emocional

  • Referir a otros servicios/programas de apoyo

Impact History:


Clients come to the LACC because we have the resources available to guide them and help with their needs. The LACC offers an array of services, Victims of Crime is one of them.  A client came to the LACC after her family was granted an order of protection from their abuser and they needed some guidance. She did not know what resources were out there for her daughter. VOCA was able to help her file a VCAP application. She was awarded mental health benefits for the entire family. When something happens to someone in your family, the person isn’t the only one affected. All members of the family are affected in some way. It was very important to make sure the whole family had access to therapy to better help them all deal with the incident that happened. The family was also granted relocation and moving expenses.  Moving out of the home was crucial because staying at home can trigger memories and as a survivor one may experience Post-Traumatic Stress.  Therapy would not be enough if the family continued living in the place where the trauma happened.


The client came in unaware of the services VOCA and LACC had to offer. Once I helped her with the issue she was having in regards to VOCA, she was referred out to other services (continuum of care).  The family were signed up for LACC’s Adopt a family. The whole family received gifts during Christmas and that brought the whole family joy. Through VOCA I was their advocate when they had issues with their landlord. She was signed up for crisis alleviation and was able to get one month of rent paid. She was also signed up for the St. Francis Food program and the LACC food closet.



Contact info: 

José Zavala Chavez
Bilingual Victims of Crime Coordinator
Phone: (302) 655-7338 Ext.7725

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