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Family Support Services


Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program promotes breastfeeding as the preferred method of infant feeding. This program maintains a relationship with WIC mothers during their pregnancy and after delivery. The breastfeeding support group is held twice a month. The purpose is to teach mothers how to breastfeed, resolve any issues encountered during breastfeeding, and educate them on the problems women face during delivery. To participate in this program, the client must be enrolled in the WIC program. The program coordinator contacts all the women enrolled in the Breastfeeding Program via phone or email to follow up and answer any questions they may have. Yumira Toro, Email: Contact: 302 655-7338 x7723

Domestic Violence program serves Hispanic women in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex counties who have been victims of domestic violence. The program coordinator meets with the client, and the client can share what she is going through in a safe space. The program coordinator provides counseling for clients and education on domestic violence, safety plans, and assistance with filling out PFA (Protection From Abuse). The program coordinator can also provide company to clients going to court as a form of support. A full range of bilingual /bicultural services is provided at no cost for victims of domestic violence, including case management, therapy, and legal services.


Mujeres Poderosas

This program is for all Hispanic women living in Delaware. The program offers a support group for women, the group is designed to be a safe space for women to unite and empower one another. The program allows women the opportunity to develop friendships and gain confidence. This group meets once a month virtually, and women need to sign up with the program coordinator if interested.


Contact: Bethsaida Acosta, Email: Contact: 302-655-7338 or 302-494-6260

Los Abuelos Program engages seniors in healthy living through activities and education. This program connects seniors (ages 60 and up) to needed services. The mission of the program is to engage, educate, and support seniors in the Latino community in leading healthy lifestyles and improve quality of life.  Some of the activities that the seniors participate in include educational sessions, exercise, lectures, recreational activities, etc. Examples include a diabetes educational session, Zumba class, and bingo, among many other activities. The program also offers food distribution to seniors. Special occasions such as birthdays and holidays are also celebrated. 

Senior Health Educational Classes

This event is only open to clients enrolled in the Los Abuelos program. The seniors enrolled in the Los Abuelos program receive various educational health sessions throughout the year. Some of the topics include diabetes, cancer, and blood pressure, among other topics. The sessions last an average of 1 to 2 hours and are taught by people in public health organizations like hospitals and universities, among others. 

Food Distribution for Seniors

This event is only for residents of New Castle County 60 and older. The Los Abuelos program partners with a local Food Bank to distribute boxes of food to the elderly. Boxes are free, but the person must meet certain requirements meet as certain income guidelines and age, to qualify for the food distribution program. 


Contact: Neila Mejias at (302) 655-7338 Ext. 7733 or

Bianca Aldegon at (302) 655-7338 Ext. 7733, or

Short-Term Case Management assists families with problem-solving to meet their basic needs (emergency food assistance and clothing assistance), such as asset building (financial empowerment) and application assistance (state benefits, school enrollment, unemployment, etc.).

Food Closet

Our food closet assists residents of Delaware that are facing significant financial hardship. It is designed to meet our client's immediate needs by providing them with an emergency food box, canned goods, and perishable food items. To receive a box, the client must complete a registration form and provide a Delaware state ID. Food pantry service hours: Tuesday through Friday from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM (with the previous appointment)* 

Emergency Food and Shelter

This program is for everyone in New Castle County, Delaware. This program is meant to help those in need of food and housing and is meant to reduce homelessness. This program helps people look for shelter and financially helps with a limited amount, such as paying a portion of a hotel fee or an apartment's rent. Emergency food is also offered via our Food Closet. This program runs throughout the year.


Clothing Closet

Clients that need clothes and/or shoes can receive gently used clothes and shoes from the LACC. The clothing and shoes are free. A client may request clothing and/or shoes approximately every 3 months. The program coordinator will need to fill out an intake form, and the client must know the clothing and shoe sizes.

Crisis Alleviation 

The program's focus is on homelessness prevention. Providing relief by helping to cover the costs of utility bills, rent, and other financial stressors. To qualify, clients must bring copies of recent paystubs or other sources of income and show proof in the form of providing bills and/or other documentation for rent, utilities, etc. Clients that have excessive bills that have accumulated for an extended period will most likely not be considered to receive financial help. Once the paperwork is processed, the client will be notified if they were approved or not. If they are approved, a check will be mailed directly to the utilities company or landlord.  The financial help is only available once per year and is only for residents of Wilmington, DE. 

Contact: Melissa Ventura, Contact: Email:, Phone: 302-494-7465

Ramirez Ninoshka, Case Manager, Ext. 7733 Email: 

Victims of Crime Advocacy Program connects victims with available resources and provides guidance with police reporting and judicial processes, assistance contacting the authorities and reporting the crime, information about victims’ rights under the law, referral to free legal services to obtain a special visa that you can qualify for as a victim of a crime, assistance filling out appropriate forms (VCAP) that may cover certain expenses such as medical bills, counseling services, and referrals to other support services in the community.

The main focus of this program is to support Latino victims of crime and help decrease the underreporting of crime in the Latino immigrant community by empowering victims to take steps and report the crime. The program coordinator will inform clients of their rights and provide the following services:

  • Assistance in contacting the authorities and reporting the crime

  • Information about victims’ rights under the law (including undocumented individuals)

  • Assistance contacting the Victims Compensation and filling out appropriate forms.

  • Follow-up communication, court reminders, regular and ongoing updates

  • Accompaniment and support at court appearances

  • Personal and/or emotional support

  • Referral to other support services

The Victims of Crime Program is intended to help you or a loved one by educating you on your rights as a victim and referring you to other service providers who may also be able to assist you and meet your immediate needs. More info: Victims of Crime webpage

Contact:  Jesus Vazquez, Advocate for Victims of Crime,, (302) 655-7338 ext. 7725 or 302-409-8238

Workforce Development Program assists clients during their job search. For example, the program coordinator can help a client to create or improve his or her resume, provide application assistance, translate a job description that is in English, etc.  The program coordinator can help a client to create a resume or, if they already have one to provide recommendations on improving their current resume. Application assistance involves anything from assistance with a specific job application question, filling out a job application online, or helping the client to fill out a job application that is in English. The program coordinator can also offer job interview techniques to clients. The purpose of this is that job candidates are better prepared and more confident during the job interview. To reduce individual barriers, the program works along with the Adult Education Program, which offers English classes, computer classes, and citizenship classes.


Job Interview Workshop

This event is part of the Workforce Development Program and is only for clients enrolled in the program. Clients will learn about the proper etiquette for job interviews. For example, they will practice responding to interview questions, building speaking abilities, and getting insight into the unwritten rules of interviewing. This event happens four times per year at the LACC.


Job Fair

This event is part of the Workforce Development Program and is open to the general public in Delaware. A job fair is an event that gives job seekers and employers a chance to meet one another, establish professional relationships, and discuss potential job opportunities. This event happens two times per year at the LACC.


Diana Acevedo, Workforce Manager Email: Contact: (302) 655-7338 x 7696 or (302) 494-7518

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